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I noticed that a few people have added this account to their Deviant watch list. Please DO NOT watch this account. I'm not using it anymore. My new account is Zerohope2survive.

Very soon, I'm going to delete what's left of my deviations and re-upload them on my new account.

Do not make any comments on this journal if you can help it.

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i is the only person who's here...
Jasmin!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss being an old lady with you! We must have an intelligent conversation soon (i'm starved of those recently.)

I'm currently getting my life in order so once I finish that I shall annoy you to the end of time. <3
AH! and once you do that I have someone very intelligent and fascinating to introduce you too. He makes us look like normies. Although he's older than us, so it's not really that impressive. You get the idea.
doku-no-aru Jun 13, 2008  Student General Artist

You're so lucky! Young and talented D:


Like. Now. :O
o3o thank you?

xDDD I knooooow. dA should do an advertising campaign for neglected artists.
doku-no-aru Jun 22, 2008  Student General Artist
Welcome :3

And yeah they should!

All the photographers whined about never being seen on the front page.
Now, they're all that's up there.

The only artists who draw that are on the front are people who got really popular from it before.
Psh. Photography isn't really that artistic anyways. It's basically just camera happy boredom. And most photographers are snobs anyways.

True artistry comes from within, and is not captured by the camera. It's not creative if it's reality, right?
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i'm so glad
thank you.


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